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MICRO Nail rollers – 8 pack

Replacement Rollers


Description How it works
MICRO Smooth & Shine Replacement Rollers for the MICRO Nail device. The MICRO Nail is an innovative nail care product that buffs, smoothes and shines nails leaving them ready to wear and smooth enough for nail polish to glide on effortlessly.


These replacement rollers are compatible with both the pink MICRO Nail device and the black MICRO Nail Elegance device

Each pack contains 2 MICRO Smooth Rollers and 6 MICRO Shine Rollers

MICRO Smooth:
The MICRO Smooth Roller is grey/green in colour and instantly smoothes away ridges on the nail. This roller should be used first and only for a maximum of 2 seconds per nail. Only use this roller on your nails every two weeks.

MICRO Shine:
The MICRO Shine Roller is white in colour and is used to give a natural shine to the nail. Use this roller for 2 seconds per nail.

See the MICRO Nail instruction manual here
Please see page 5 for the instructions on how to change the roller

WARNING: For use on nails only. Before use please read the booklet you received with your MICRO Nail. Keep out of reach of children. Only the MICRO Smooth Roller and MICRO Shine Roller for 2 seconds per nail. Only use the MICRO Smooth Roller once every two weeks.

How MICRO Nail works

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